Lyrics : ​high stakes

Walk in the room and I know they all know
And if they don't know, put on a little show
Leave someone close cold dead in the snow
Ice cold like a brain freeze, make them say "woah"
When your wallet's this green you always gotta go
Keep your mind real clean keep your pockets out the blow
Give my bro a check pay rolling out the dough
Everyone I'm with, head down, move slow
Fat cat, who watches his weight
All I did was call up, now I hold a fat stake
Big stakes getting me a house on a lake
All you guys big fakes, don't make no mistakes
This ain't all we do, f**k all the critics
More than one front man, check the a***ytics
This money's got me turning my back on the misses
Got a high PH 'cause I'm super acidic
What does PH mean? "P*n*s hat"?
Constantly change where I'm spending all my weekends at
Never get used to where I happen to be sleeping at
Moving so much been up and down the east and back
No time to chat gotta keep it moving fast
Flying first cla**, whole team top bra**
Money in the stash, duffle bag full of cash
Thinking about the past, broke another gla**

He's just some Forex trader with no clear major
Call him the savior like born in a manger
Hit me on my pager, get back to you later
Handcannon, pockmarks, face full of craters
Well, time to pack up and leave
Bombs been planted like a hand full of seeds
Got guys on the corner like, "Man, what do you need?"
It's all wealth to me, don't give a damn 'bout greed, and
He's not no big-nose kike, though
Like a synagogue when they write the late night shows
Goldberg, Bernstein, listen here, Shlomo
Get your things, I think it's time for you to go home
Sorry, went against the plan
Sick of the headlines on the papers at the stand
"Extree, extree", it's all a big scam
Publishing lies to make a couple hundred grand

What's a man to do in a world like this?
Live my whole life to get burnt to a crisp
They open their mouth to regurgitate sh*t
With some coins in my fist, a .45 on my hip