Lyrics : ​double presentation

...Happily ever after, they'll all be here!
Oh, gee, boss, that?s great! I can't wait to see you!
...tell us again why they're comin??
To pay homage to the new ruler of cyberspace!
You're terrif?

The only thing I ask is please don't talk to me
Peek over my shoulder just to see who's stalking me
Talk is cheap but I gotta relax
One hand on the budget, one hand on the facts

Speaking of facts, I wanna get that rope and swing
Most of the time I can't focus on a thing
We only hire whites, don't let the others stay
I already asked once, just stay the f**k away

And I'm not even dead, but I'm rolling in my grave
You can say all you want, but all I hear is bullsh*t
Talk about me all you want, but I am not the culprit
Handful of pills and a shot of scotch, I gulp it

Clock?s ticking down ?til I'm dead in the sand
Grow the f**k up and be a f**king man
Damn, where I?m from, that sh*t doesn't fly
You should be at your job with a suit and tie