Lyrics : ​stupid

If you don't respect the man, then respect the technique
You say I can trust you, I'ma let the cheques speak
I don't tolerate the "I'll pay you next week"
Preach a mantra and I'll make your neck leak

Tell me what it is that you seek brethren
Money comes first, don't lose focus for a second
Women only serve to service your erection
So don't have kids, always use protection

The path to perfection, never put a b*t*h first
The girl's not more than a trapdoor, a curse
Don't believe me, then take a look in her purse
The worst? If you're looking to invest

I'm a big business man with big business cheques
Do the dirty with the cash, what do you expect
That gorilla d**k n***a, I make dyke pu**y wet
National with transactions, east to the west

I wake up every day, completely wrecked
That's how I pull myself out of the stress
If you've seen me at my worst, then you've seen me at my best
Private like my business, so I don't like guests

You wanna know my name, then take a guess stupid