Lyrics : Relbest

Relyes, they call him the relyes
You bet your a** that he is the relbest
Won?t hesitate?to?take a sh*t?on your chest
Fill you with holes?if you don?t get underdressed
Better watch out cause he knows your address
If you f**k with him then you?re under arrest
Talk back and he will slam your head on the desk
Leave your daughter asking why her daddy left?
He will run into the mall with the suicide vest
You can only smell liquor on his breath
If you see him in the bank he ain?t cashing the check
He?ll probably be saying to hit the deck
Women and children he doesn?t respect
Most dangerous if his dingus is erect
So that you get penetrated when you least expect
Relyes isnt burdened by remorse and regret
So he smiles real big when the child gets upset