Lyrics : The Gone-Away World

(Yeah) -- I’ll die on my own sword
Before I transgress against the lord and his accord
Y’all are playin’ games and it’s somethin’ you can’t afford
Babylon the great (halls) (cities the adore) (?)
Babylon kill Eric Gardner
Babylon protect itself with armor
Sodom and Gomorrah, this is horror
Philando Castile was a martyr
And they only response to disarm us
This a fuckin’ promise, I ain’t gon’ subscribe to any dogmas
Cognitive process of my conscience
There’s no solace, before the storm always calmest
The Jezebels call theyselves (Gods) (?)
Maybe cause they Godless
Maybe cause they arrogate and pompous
Philosophy is side (?) promise
Why do y’all choose to ignore the obvious
Isaac gave dower at the obelisk
((Prostised hawk at the monolith)) (?)
Return to destroy the populace, the megalopolis

Come on my friends, open your eyes
See the sunshine from the west
The sky is burning
And the birds stopped singing
Come on wake up from your rest

(Yeah) -- Gabriel came to Allah, apostle
The Great Tribulation and the Gospel
Describe the Ulama as colossal
The All Aware One never doubts you
Metamorphesize to a fossil (?)
It’s water in the bottle
Resurrect the dead from the (voxel) (?)
Yemenite Kings had to jostle (?)
They ended the life of Kalief Browder
Cause mafuckers didn’t speak louder
He ain’t have power
They ruined his mind and he got devoured
Babylon tortured him and (?? coward) (?)
Mafuckers just resigned to die on the avenue
Same shit, different day, pi-roe and ballyhoo (?)
Your mans ain’t gonna help you, he ain’t gon' carry you
The same one who call himself your brother will embarrass you
I take these mafuckers out and do it proudly
It’s better to die on the mountain than live in the valley