Lyrics : I'll Buy All the Uranium You've Got

Yeah, one-two!
Yeah, yeah - one-two!
Yeah! Yeah!
Papo Andy foreva
Look, yeah

This a wild guess homie, this a shot in the dark
You like baby food, just another walk in the park
This philosophy I walk into a Mosque with the (comp)
This is Jeffrey Dahmer ’89, fork in the heart
This Magnum ain’t eat in a while, see the cow hungry
It’s why I got my hand in my drawers like I’m Al Bundy
A lot of y’all know that you stolen ya’ style from me
You can’t duplicate what I did and you wild bummy
What you know about your man being down?
Doing eighteen bullets you ain’t have him around
We clappin’ this like you wearin’ a cap and a gown
The hatches is wild open better battin’ ‘em down
You try to go to war with the man
You mafuckas ‘bout to ride in the coroner van
Listen mind eraser, you can take a shot at us both (??)
I’m a king, you a pawn, you must got me confused, stupid

Oh please don't confuse me (Oh no)
Pistol packin', (??) do me, oh wee
I got them drugs, I got them guns, I'm not the one

Yeah, all these weapons like my rodor?
Always got the .40 on me I'm like Hodor
Anything you think is yours, money I will bogart
When you hear the seven trumpets blowin' that's a prologue
I ain't have a dime life is shitty ya crew (??)
So I learned when you hungry you ain't picky with food
Now I'm smokin' out of something like a digirydoo
It's a Glock 27 and it's Tiffany Blue
And it's nothing anyone of y'all could do it for P (?)
Heavenly father I thank you for the food that we eat
I be money Ahki, I be in the payday (??)
This dummy duck his shots look like it's the Nae-Nae dance
At the Time Warner Penthouse, meet me in the Mezanine
Styroform cups are (?) pemethozine
The type to bring the gas to the fire, this is kerosene
Vinnie nice destroy your fucking life like methamphetamine

[Chorus: Block McCloud]