Lyrics : Crime Wave Tehran

This is Boxcutter business, this is blade in the hand
I’m pulling rank on you motherfuckers – chain of command
Its Moroccan fans acki, this is granules of sand
This is made of pure linen, this is ancient Iran
Know the dime sign, Quasimodo and shit
The magazine empty out, I’m reloading the shit
It was no fair, I was tryna live in the now
Mama scared, I ain’t going to her crib in a while
This the master builder, this the jamisaki
Have a bunch of hitters clap you from the Kawasaki
Ebooki give his footage to Deez
That’s what happen when you can’t see the wood through the trees
A couple rounds popped into his visage
How can an unpolished mirror reflect an image?
It’s always motion, action and devotion
And you ain’t thinking homie, you reacting off emotion

The maiden bathing in a clear pool of fresh water
This the hiro fan’s chalice, this the next slaughter
Perpendicular of a pyramid dress alter
I was told the brazen bull is the best torture
If it ain’t one thing, it’s another
And I don’t wait for motion, I’m a different motherfucker
Fools die, Mario Puzo
They slumped him like Angelo Bruno
He saw the Iron Age like a Canaanite
It’s bags of trees here, vegetation hype
You say my name, I’m fucking you up
Y’all are clout chasing homie and enough is enough
Gun brawls, hand to hand, homie it’s whatever
It’s talking and it’s action and nobody live forever
So get yourself a blicky and chill
Or the ox is coming out, buck 50 his grill