Lyrics : Serve the Creator

Yeah! Recognize, mafuckas
These razorblades is sharper than a metal bar
How you (??) fucking with the ghetto god
I let the cannon rawr, doggy get your melamore (??)
You scared to war
Bring the pain I swear I split that pan in two (??)
I need me in the flesh, walking up from the wave
Like Afro Samurai the way I laugh by the play
The criminal kind, niggas get clapped for they cake
Half of ‘em fake, I don’t hear kings and treat ‘em like slaves
Exotic tools, shooters from Calamisu (???)
You niggas cute, I blast a bitch in and out of your crew
So disrespectful (?) I been known to piss on you fools
A hustler in the streets, in the booth I’m a animal
I spit that fire water and the flow’s highly inflammable
Savage starch animal, the third war Hannibal (???)
This hammer though, will leave a hole in your cantilope
Word, to this game I’m a Pharaoh
They say to make it big I gotta make a deal with the devil
This industry is a (??) (???)
(??) Yeah
I’m choppin’ diamonds like a jeweler
Smoke the Buddha, sip a Namafoola, I’m a fool-a (???)
Yeah! Motherfuckers

Yeah --
This a wild guess homie, this a shot in the dark
You like baby food, just another walk in the park
This philosophy I walk into a Mosque with the (comp)
This is Jeffrey Dahmer ’89, fork in the heart
This Magnum ain’t eat in a while, see the cow hungry
It’s why I got my hand in my drawers like I’m Al Bundy
A lot of y’all know that you stolen ya’ style from me
You can’t duplicate what I did and you wild bummy
What you know about your man being down?
Doing eighteen bullets you ain’t have him around
We clappin’ this like you wearin’ a cap and a gown
The hatches is wild over better battin’ ‘em down
You try to go to war with the man
You mafuckas ‘bout to ride in the coroner van
Listen mindripper you can take a shot at us both (??)
I’m a king, you a pawn, you must got me confused