Lyrics : Scorched Earth

Flashbang, that’s a photo op
My shooters take you out the fucking picture like a Photoshop
A thousand knives coming at you, that’s a Saka Moto(?) shot
The 93-R machine pistol that’ll Robocop
Three round burst mode, blow your fucking fingers off
Lights out, black ski mask, and the ringer off
Action and reaction, akhi, I don’t even think at all
The (?) out of Italy, the ‘caine is out of Singapore
Yall know I’m never running out of ammo
The yoppa keep spitting like somebody chew tobacco
Screwface, ox under the tongue, I’m a wacko
Sentence you to death, blood feud, and I’m Draco
That’s the sound of the machete chop
Beat a motherfucker til his eye end up like Fetty Wop
I had motherfuckers going south for the birds
You ain’t doing nothing, actions speak louder than words