Lyrics : Cornflakes

This life cursed, b*t*h I wish you the worst
They tryna find me but I'm out in Jers
Keep it low key
My folks told me only friends you got got a blue face
f**k them n***as they a true waste
You ain't gettin' paid with that loose change
Drop a gem like some loose change
I wanna act let's make a movie kid
I'll put you on screen, play the theme music
f**k a dream, I'll make it three reel
Shorty off a E pill, done spendin' money on a cheap thrill
Y price go for the high, never the low
My goal to keep stayin' alive
But you never know
My success is your personal hell
Motherf**ker take it personal, I only learn when I fail
To n***as doin' bad I wish 'em well, you baby money like a wishin' well
Y smokin' fifty and I give em hell
This my city kid, Y livin' simply with a pretty b*t*h
Shorty throw me kitty just to hit the spliff
Forget that, on my mind there's bigger fish to fry
Ya'll rappers livin' in ya lies all glamourized
Glamour life like through Tony Montana's eyes
You ain't Scarface, studyin' that sh*t on some R waves
Y was young posted in them hallways coolin'
Dutchie in the pocket of my NorthFace
2020 Wayne duckin' nothin' but a court case
Ya'll n***as cornflakes
It's Y