Lyrics : Cash in the APC

Look, just put the nine inside my APC G
I was makin' bread while you was countin' ABC's
That old money from the 90's not '83
I got the lock and key
Artists get dropped go broke and then they pray they win the lottery
Get a job my n***a
Cruz threw me a lob on the fast break
Tryna make the money fast
Then I go out with a splash to my last days
Act your age not your shoe size
Ya n***as do a lot, I just sit and laugh
Six figures for the raps, hope you tapped in
My homie strapped like a old western
It's YL b*t*h I sign that sh*t in bold letters
Ay yo, money talk ya n***as is frauds
Frontin' like you was involved, none the problem's resolved
I'm just tryna ball like All-Star weekend
Mingle with a pornstar freakin'
Ain't f**kin' with the god ya'll reachin'
All ya'll leeches, tryna drain me of my peace
Because I'm poppin' like grease kid
Million dollar speech, pay a proper fee
I treat a b*t*h like she my property
At RRR, money monopoly