Lyrics : 25th Hour

Ay yo my sh*t is brolic
Ya'll n***as comin' short like 3.1
I rock the big stadium sh*t
We made you legit
Fadin' you suede around my AirMax, whatever yo mama tells
Smoke the runts right off of 5th Ave, so keep it don't even pass it
Status was live like batteries lithium, put salamandery
Willies smooth to drive into Philly for Jesus
I keep a nine like the solace
you won't go home to yo b*t*h that's real sh*t
Ay yo, I live my life in the 25th hour I do the runnin' man
That's not a f**kin' dance, I had to dip and change the plan
The two time performance, rhyme and jump in
You know the Starker clock, bout time you n***as know who I am
My n***a that's the old price
I [?] like Jesus, Starker [?]
You gotta see to believe it
These b*t*hes love me like I used to love [?]
but really I don't share the feelin'

Yo, low resolution when the scar is deep
They don't want shut up, let the god speak
Smoke the palm tree, you feel a calm breeze
Show you love off the strength
f**k around and give me thanks
Stop playin' with my name, no for real
Cash flights overnights
Take it back, the bolder older times
Rap has been copying the prototype
I like b*t*hes on social lies
You know the vibes son, the god show alive and you barely livin'
I'm livin' different, need a offer with the six digits
I make a flip and go missin'
Shorty know sniffin'
For the gold, I go distance got the sh*t in control
Hit the road like a rock band
Ya'll n***as is stance, pu**y rappers need they hand held
Roll up a gram, treat everybody like ya mans and ya sh*t is damned
Watch my life in front the camcorder, new world order
Drop the top like Transformers, who want it