Lyrics : Eclipse

Yeah, Y cold like the snow up in Winnipeg
You sh*ttin' me
Watch yo mouth with me, Robert Downey
Sky was sort of cloudy, skip class and made history
I never skip a beat, you was trippin' on little things
Bigger cheese, 180 degrees
I could change ya life up
Shorty you wifed up, used to be my-
Times up, Y's a physical reminder
Keep yo high school drama, life is not a soap opera
Believe in today, tomorrow there is no promise
I'm cleanin' the slate, deadin' all the old drama
Rasheed Wallace, blockin' ya shine
My speech polished, starve you forty nights like its Ramadan
Smoke a L with my shorty in Audubon
Never fallin' off, back in the day I had the Vince Carters on
There's no convincin' me I'm stuck in my ways
Had epiphanies, they was influenced by the Hennessy
Pretend to be somethin' you're not
Don't mean to go and blow up yo spot
Thinkin' that they low but I knowin' a lot
Heart frozen, soft spoken uh
Made promises, all broken damn
With the quick speed, Y start collectin' on the six range
Straight from a freshman to the big leagues
Told the b*t*h strip like she skinny dippin' pretty women
Many talk, not too many listen
You hear me?