Lyrics : Collins St

Check, wasted youth we been cooked for weeks and Collins St. pushing to go push the p's
Selling weight racking lines while I cook the beast collecting tick in the night if we could not sleep we could not eat
Living off a stolen cars hold the gla** all the boys turn smoking shards
It was that f**ked up coward life higher than a satellite
Moving stolen goods for fun or a pack of ice chasing stacks, quit my job we need to make a stack
Started off on tick now we move enough to make it back
Take it back then move a pound and pay for caps slowly moving higher inside a vacant flat
6K inside a day's round five boys moving grapes to fake the f**king same mouth
Cape town turn it rotten from the inside little brother hustles but we do it just to get by
F**k it living offa cornflakes with no brakes these junkies chasing rocks seeing Kelly in a stone age huh
No brakes fat stick will cop a fat lip 2016 was a money making bad trip fact is it made me better when I spit sh*t
Small country town everyone wants to big fish

Hustle hard or get caught inside a mine shaft quick sniff then these motherf**kers become try hards
Quit the caps movement dope just to get it back
Better take my stash or get left with like no coin that float poison all the boys know
Its my choice f**k out of my face if you're trying to buy with those coins
So toy motherf**kers trying to act like us
Pushing balls while I pack my lunch, so track runs back to Perth for a pack of herb couple elbows in their car
Then we go on back to work

Black shirt this the life the kiddies don't see
Heart palpitations to the sniff make me OD
Go figure bread winner with like no sleep
She pay your tick with pu**y if these b*t*hes want to go free
No strings straight hustle with a stepping stone
Busy chasing dragons instead of chasing a metronome
Get it get this together still paiting like every letter im ready
For rainy weather the room set on making the cheddar
But sick of living the life I had to make a change
Eight ounces left all I had to move to make a change
Since a kid wasn't straight I trade weight
I'm from the Nelson flats and my mother smoked that A grade

She's nineteen little wolves never knew his dad
Milk crates furniture the only thing we f**king had
We just might do my new dad he came through
He raised me as his own then my little brother came too
I was 4 he was born it was harder but year one kid go to school just to ask for lunch
So pucker up thats life is in a drink with you wonder go going get it done just the sheet kid
Grind or die I change my life work a 9 to 5
Half the boys I like still won't make it past 25
Pen and rhymes on that real sh*t you feel b*t*h
I've had enough of rappers saying that they spit is real sh*t
You're real sh*t mother f**ker you're just real sh*t
Dunk you in a toilet then go flush your sh*tty film clip
Dunk you in a toilet then go flush your sh*tty film clip