Lyrics : Small Taste 2

What lies within at dark, just begging
To course it's way through your veins
Is an incredibly potent and quite infallible truth serum
Twice as strong than sodium pentothal
With no druggy after effect, You feel it?

Check it, hey yo I guess it just must be the weed and the drugs
They keep me buckled off my face something's keeping me up
I'm feeling that buzz people seem to think that I'm drunk
But I just stock amphetamines hat I keep in my blood
I'm sleazy as f**k, catch me racking whippa of your missus t**s
While she's too p*ssed to give a f**k when I give her d**k
This is it motherf**kers think that I'm gone
But I been acting like the fool since the day I was born
Breaking the law as if I got a habit to feed
Yet all the dealers know to shout another sample for free
And I been scattered for weeks so if I happen to peak
I might spin out causing havoc like I smashing the street
I been jack in these beats keep on rapping with a raw flow
The treks keep a lad straight jacket on his torso my
Brains warm from that cannabis bud
Paranoid schizophrenic still I'm trafficking drugs
And package em up
To sell em to these cackldy teens
I got an ounce of that g I make a thousand a beat
Don't be doubting this scene cause I open it up
Crack fiends think they mortals but know em as sl*ts
Exposing these c**ts the motherf**kers thought they had Treks
Tried backstabbing me must be lacking common sense
I'ma bomb a set and it's obvious you're not a threat
Tell me when you wanna step
And dock will knock em on the head I'm
Not impressed with the way things are
From two face fake friends they just snakes in the gra**
I made it this far So f**k it I'm a keep on the grind and won't stop
Until rock it out until I'm reaching the mic
I'm speaking my mind coincidentally seems like I rhyme
But I'm just probably being honest got no reason to lie
Committing these crimes to wear another sleeve with a stripe
I'm like MC's competing for a piece of the pie
I'm eating their slice my hunger is the reason I rap
I be that apex predator leading a pack
Unique on the track I eat the black sheep for a snack
And I been starving like a fiend after weeks on the crack
Believe me I'm back but technically I never went away
I ain't a piece on a chessboard I'm a player in the game
Checkmate treks and warps be, stepping to the plate
Serving up another dish of a second small taste

You wanna f**k with my Ill mind spill blood for a thrill like I kill mics
Kill Christ resurrecting the rap the pen can adapt
Methods don't question never collapse
When I build rhymes no one competes no one kapiech
Provoking the beast only gets you a load of the teeth
Loaded with schemes, flows leave you frozen for weeks
The omen that speaks insults thrown all over a sheet
Oracle speech post horrible is tropical me
Hurricane lord warps spitting flows and these beats
F**king one man army with a notice for each
And every other rapper sounding like they wanna be Drake Wannabe fakes, copying for props on a page
You need to get your own style and it's obvious hey
Sounded like your rancid rhymes have been copying yay
Copy or late mask rhymes could never top me your best
Off of the head, put you in a coffin to rest you wanna be next
?I spit philosophical threats bombing your set
Boston bombings all on top of ya chest
Rocking your vest throwing comments if you copy the text
You can't do what the warps does, extort drums
The born son flows the force within his coarse lungs
So talk up but you're talking is cheap
II plant a motherf**king punchline sore in ya cheek you little b*t*h
Sprinkle out some rice when I rhyme
I'm killing any rhyme I write because I write them with knives
You wanna fight the divine you better times it by five
I'm going in with my hands f**king tied to the scythe
Inside of ya eyes I'm what's inside of ya mind
I'll linger through your thoughts in silence in a in a vile demise
You wanna fight for the prize you better back up your raps
I'm that, f**kin sick of all this amateur crap