Lyrics : When the Smoke Clears

He's never felt so sick in the head
Like he can snap at any minute push him over the edge
He knows he?s depressed and now he's gotta cope with the stress
Feel like he's cracking under pressure he?s in over his head
And no one notices yet, 'cause he ain't showning signs of suicide
Even though he keeps it all inside its eating him alive he
Hears the screams at nights thoughts keep reminding him
If he ever sleeps he gets tormented violently, he silently
Slips into insanity the cause of effect just escaping his reality the
Sheer gravity is too much to bear alone
But not scared he's got nothing left to fear so he
Grabs the nearest chair and tugs the rope
Thinks of his little brother's 'for he jumps and chokes
And hes f**ked up he knows these drugs numb the throat
Swigs a bottle till he musters up the courage to go yo
He awoke, scattered in a daze
Surrounded in a room filled with nothing but mistakes
So it must've been fate that he ain't destined for the grave yet
Pursuit of medication almost ended with him laid to rest the
Pain and regret stained in his head
Changed by the game that he aimed to respect
Now each day that he spends above ground is the cherished one
He almost through it all away for that petty drug

When the fire burns let the smoke clear
Please don?t hold me back can?t you help me
When the fire burns let the smoke clear
Please don't hold me back can?t you help me

She never had it easy feeling like she's lost
Every time she tried to fit in other kids just flipped her off
So it seems she starts believing that she really don't belong
All she wants is to be treated like shes needed when shes not
She got dreams of leaving Aus, run away and never look back
Reality checks to bring her back from what she could have the
Dope is pushed back smoking 'till she feeling numb
Stoned and feeling closure that her daddy was the raging drunk he
Never gave a f**k except when he would rape her mom
Eventually the day will come that she would make a break and run she
Learned some makeup but, earned a wage got paid to f**k
Turned to taking drugs and made her feel the way she claims she does
Takes the pain away, brave enough to face the past
And every days the same but she ain?t faded she just craving shards
Another wasted path, another lost cause
Another soul forever wonders what its good for she
Feel depressed, got no pity for her self worth
Cause if she disappeared would anybody even help search
Shes never felt worse prepping up a dose to whack
The heavy hits of heroin to mellow out emotions flat she
Slowly doses back, like getting so relaxed
But it's the most she's had, an overdose in fact
And now she won't react, continues choking bad
She died alone on smack, in some eroded flats

When the fire burns let the smoke clear
Please don't hold me back can't you help me
When the fire burns let the smoke clear
Please don't hold me back can't you help me