Lyrics : Long Live

Dae, that's like my nephew, man, I love him to death
Ray, that's my n***a, we?like?Smokey and Craig
I'm?glad that's yo' n***a and you?love him to death
Stand closer to that n***a when I'm bustin' the TEC
It's crazy I'ma still hope for the best
No matter how many n***as want me to fail
Veeze Lil Uzi, all my homies is dead
I say f**k my problems when I open the seal
Tat Oink Boyz so I know that it's real
She said she got a n***a, but don't want me to tell
I want you to f**k on me and f**k on my mans
I want P to go on the run, say f**k the feds
Pu**y-a** n***a get no love like Los said
I'm going slow, she think I'm makin' love, but I'm on meds
These n***as silly illy on they skin, I can smell
Like I'm from Philly, when a pack come in, I break a bale
Like Curry with the 30, I'll make a n***a fall
Hard work pays off, n***a, I'ma whip the soft
Yeah, I know who killed yo' homie, but it's never gettin' solved
I can see me gettin' the chair 'cause I ain't a snitch at all
Me and Yodie back to back with Sosa, we in foreign cars
You can talk, but can't back it up, I call yo' a** Lavar
You got hate up in your heart, n***a, that's your biggest flaw
I can tell your b*t*h wanna f**k like I got crystal ball
N***a, long live the Navy
Long live the?
Long, long long live the?
Long live the