Lyrics : Law N Order

Smerf this yo beat?
Oo oo oo
Smerf made this beat

I want blue strips on all the paper when I get it (Yeah)
I can be off Xans, the bag stay out, so I don't forget em (Yeah)
We ain't going on tour but we got the bag up in the sprinter
I knew this sh*t was gone come, just like I seen it on the Simpson's
I think I'm seeing demons from things and lean that I been sippin' (Eww)
I gotta keep praying to Jesus, I keep thinkin' bout leaving a n***a
No matter how mean I am to yo b*t*h she still won't leave a n***a
I pray for my n***as they perc heads, got sick codeine addiction
Mind yo business, that ain't my b*t*h you seen mе with her
Yo big homie a grown ass man to me hе a infant (Lil ass n***a)
Lil ass n***a you ain't high like me, you drinking spinach (Broke ass n***a)
Lil ass boy you don't ball like us, to me you a scrimmage (Forreal)
You wanna beat yo b*t*h, she playing my song and shaking her ass (Gang)
Way before I was rapping, state to state shaking a bag (Gang, Gang)
I don't give a f**k if we going to the pearly gates, im taking a mag
Mask on in the kitchen, while I'm whipping, scraping the glass
I ain't even in a good mood until I take my meds (Take my meds)
I know n***as who throwing C's, it ain't Chanel (It ain't Chanel)
I got n***as who under the 5 like Jason Kidd
Told lil bro this a grown man game this ain't for kids (Forreal)
n***a wanna steal the swag he gotta wait til it go on sale
I'on even like yo b*t*h she made me pay for head (f**k that b*t*h)
You ain't never made a 20 waitin' on the mail
My lil n***a black and ugly, shoot like Tony Snell
n***a tryna keep up but ain't got money for his bail
That lil b*t*h broke, I can tell just by her hair and nails (Look at that b*t*h)
n***a you broke its a joke, you funny like Dave Chappelle (Haha)
He sworn on God he gettin' money, going straight to hell
If the Feds knew what I knew, I would go straight to jail
I swear yo b*t*h think I'm all that, like I'm Keenan, Kel
I mixed his juice now his stomach hurt like he ate Taco Bell
He rap like Meech when he in the booth but never made a sell (That n***a lying smerf, no cap. Haha)