Lyrics : Meg The Stallion


Weigh it up, break it down
F**k the plug, take him down
Slime sittin' down in that?town,?he'll spin ya?round
I been gettin' dressed every day,?I heard they stakin' out (I heard they lookin')
At least I got good flicks if they shake us down (B*t*h)
I'ma be fresh as hell if the feds watchin'
We be in them streets, like a geek, we want every problem
I just spilled some lean on my sneaks, now they red bottoms
I ain't f**kin' n***as hoes, I get the head out 'em (Get the head off them b*t*hes)
Yeah, I ain't no G, I ain't no crip, I ain't no blood, I'm f**kin' wit' 'em, sellin' drugs though
Yeah, I'm from the east, on the six to be exact but on the west, they show me love though

(Baow) Gang, we gone shoot some' (B*t*h)
Bought a thousand oranges, get my hoop on (Get my hoop on)
Open up that Drakey, let it loose on 'em (Baow, baow, baow)
Ayy, gold Sky Dweller like a crouton (Woo)
I keep sellin' n***as cut and they keep comin' back (They do)
The type of n***a, if he up, I probably run his strap (He a pu**y)
Rose Prezi and this cuban, that's a hunnid racks (This b*t*h dingy)
I got bad habits with this ratchet, always double back
(I stop records)
B*t*h, I'm already rich (Drank God)
He ain't comin' forty-one, he got a petty wrist
I gotta step on it again, that's how that Fetty hit (Skrrt)
I just went to Gary, spent two-hunnid, b*t*h, I'm heavy wit' it (What)
Get a bag and buss it down, it's tryna feed the streets (On God)
N***a, I was ballin' back when we was GMB (On God)
Ayy, crib so big, this b*t*h a BnB (Yeah)
Rose Yacht Master, forty-two, b*t*h, like I'm CMG
Ayy, f**ked up Barney's 'til they shut the doors on it (For real)
Copped a plain, got it sprayed, R.I.P my n***a Soda (Yeah)
Cop a bag from L.A., changed the area code on it
Glock stuffed with a .50, I'm like, "Show me my opponent" (Baow)
New Prezi, pour some drink just so I can spill it on him
Bro got Audemars plain but he spent a Benz on it
He in the M club, we some bears, you a cub
You could throw me in the jungle, I'll come out it minked up (Yeah)
Blow money, find a town then we sittin' down (Sittin' down)
I'll have my fiend go up top for a quarter ounce
This the third time they spinned around, pack it up and bounce
Out the way, a hundred-eighty days, you gon' make it out

I can spend five thousand, tell the goons, "Gone solve my problems"
You was just gettin' allowance, pump yo' breaks, n***a, pay some homage (Haha)
We got whatever you coppin', brown squares but it ain't chocolate (Yeah)
Don't look for the sh*t I'm rockin', it's hard to find just like Bin Laden (Yeah)
Look in my bag, all fiftys, twenties, it look like Cosmo and Wanda
When I mix the food, n***a, you can't watch me, this ain't Benihana (Skrrt)
If I find out n***a hatin' on gang, f**k his baby mama (Yeah)
I told that n***a I'm talkin' pape', he tried to change the topic
She said why I'm wearing a bag? The dog sh*t can't even fit in my pocket (Yeah)
If rap don't work, I'ma be in the feds, eatin' steak and lobster (Okay)
I can take the girl, make it swell, like I switched her diet (Yeah)
Look in my cup, b*t*h so thick, look like Meg Thee Stallion (Ugh)