Lyrics : Yoa Twins

f**k everything
One n***a I'm straight on is master p this is wild dude
I got my whole gang in this b*t*h yeah my n***as, aw n***a yeah n***a I don't know why the f**k talk sh*t fast but that sh*t sound sweet

My whole gang sip lean for no reason my whole gang sip lean like we leading, I use your b*t*h just for head on the weekend I smoke exotics until I look like yeoman twin. You so f**king broke it look like you got diseases, I show you how to wipe a n***a nose like he sneezing these n***as copy everything we do I can't believe it. I think thesе n***as mad I'm on my way and I ain't needed I turn to Michael Phelps whеn they throw me in the deep end, I'm balling like Roland with the feds b*t*h im Jesus, with them blue faces n***a we gone hit yo block bleeding. Hope you got some dog sh*t to move yo momma if we beefing, gang come threw got yo b*t*h acting like she singing If the feds come ima act like I don´t speak English