Lyrics : Itself

This dope ain't gon? scale itself
Them bows ain't gon' mail they self
N***a, you know I gotta get this wealth
I put a line on the table, tell that b*t*h it ain?t gon' sniff itself
I thought you had these bricks for sale
I pull up on the block, them n***as said you ain't got sh*t for sale
These hoes ain't gon' pimp they self
You hangin' with a snitch, n***a you know you a snitch as well
I ain't gon' tell on myself
Them b*t*hes tellin? me to write a statement, I said go to hell
B*t*h i?d rather go to jail
I'd rather pop a bar and wake up inside the holdin? cell
This clip ain't gon' load itself
Imma pull up on yo block, n***a this b*t*h ain't gon? blow itself
I put my foot on the food, it ain't gon' step itself
I put my hood on my back, it ain't gon' rep itself
I can't be cuffin' on these hoes, I can't ham myself
I ain't wait, get the I.D's to scam myself
N***a I got these pieces, they ain't gon' jam themself
Lets hit the road, n***a these stores ain't gon' scam themself
These strips ain't gon' pop they self
(?) goin' off, lets see who scrape the pot the best
Lets see who beat the block the best
You know Veeze he the 'lil goat, they say his pops the best
Im on the road she gotta f**k herself
Tell Nutty grab another 400 off the f**kin' shelf
Tell the cops that I don't know myself
Make another ten before we head home is what I told myself
I ain't bad, Im just gettin' Visas
Have Mas pop yo top, give me no reasons
Man my closet lookin' like the last three seasons
Gave me brain all day, I called the b*t*h genius
A hunnid 90s off 200, I gotta thank Jesus
I paid $1.98 for every two pieces
I paid cash for the whip, ion do leases
N***a why you in yo feelings cause yo b*t*h creepin' ?

I made it happen all by myself
Man I put n***as on even tho, they ain't help they self
Damn right im startin' to feel myself
Man grab a Pyrex, that dope ain't gon' whip itself
Where im from its every man for self
Imma be the one to push it, man that (beep) ain't gon push itself
I make n***as wanna kill they self
My b*t*h brought her homegirl, I f**ked em both, she wasn't gon' f**k herself
I lost my mans, don't know how I felt
Man grab a pop from the store, that Lean ain't gon sip itself
Pants they sag, could never rock a belt
I slap them spots overnight cause them spots wasn't gone rock them self