Lyrics : Where Dey Do Dat

Where they do that where they do that
Where they do that where they do that
I don't know not around here
We getting to the money trappers of the year

Where they do that not around here
Slide through your block on the Banshee first gear
Ya Pradas on my feet D squared
Lame ass niggas sitting back to the rear
Every time I look up them hoes trying to fuck
Every time I drop I give a rapper bad luck
Shucks, pull up on em, daddy's on drugs
Now they climb back [?]
What you want to do when I come through
ass rappers I check them like one two
Ain't a bitch around my niggas run through
Either she fuck me then maybe she fuck you
In the VIP sipping on Rosé
Rose gold rollie same color [?]
Pockets guacamole don't be on me like you know me
I pull up in the spur I'm balling on them like Ginóbili
Swish, that's a bad bitch for three there
Haters say there looking for me they don't ever be there
Break these lizards down, get em in the club when we there
Swagger on a hundred introduce them to that D squared

Bring them all back no strings attached
I don't have a main ho, baby I'm a mack
All about my mills and I keep a gutter
Body like Nicki got me thinking no rubber
already taking over
Wall like Kentucky you boys can't touch me
Box like Floyd pretty boy make it ugly
Bout to bring it home Philly young C. Utley
Get over here where that ass belong
Let's fuck and listen to Usher baby, daddy's home
Mary Jane pass the strong
I'm loving this little lemon like a Mary song
Keep that ass on top like a carry on
Then I hit it from the back, in that ass like a thong
Fuck all night, last 'til the morn
Baby girl get up shake that ass to the song
Champ, Patron in our section
To you haters I got a little suggestion
You try to blame the economy while you stressing
Most of y'all niggas was broke before the recession

I'm winning big face spending
Ferragamo white linen
We ball hard ninth inning
Tell them hoes I don't want to talk I'm spending
That ass fat she got a donk
She whisper in my ear she trying to fuck
I'm like what she like yeah
I [?] that bitch, get over here
Meek Milly chilling with the dilly
Twenty-two and under, top three North Philly
That's me, like Willie
You a hater like
Bottles of Patron, let the [?] spill
Sliding through the club like I'm walking on wheels
Neck on bling, wrist on chill
Shitting on these niggas got the bitches like ew
My pocket look like precious
Check out the diamonds dancing in my necklace
Getting money, young black reckless
Shawtys hear the law from the door, get naked

Throw your Rollies in the sky
And wave them side to side
Keep them real high
And if you got an Audemar
Hommie show it off
And if you got a Brietling watch
Show them its the right watch
And if your Louie bag real throw it up
And if your Gucci bag real throw it up
And if you getting to the paper
You never been a hater
Let me see have a hater throwing up