Lyrics : Hardbody

Stop playing with these niggas get on that grimy shit
Let them know its still Meek Milly nigga
Heard that

Old money new work
You can smell the crack aroma on my new shirt
One shooter two hearse
Did them dirty put them niggas on the news first
Niggas think because I'm rapping I won't slide up on them niggas with that ratchet
What's happening
When them windows roll down and them matics get to cracking
Most of you pussy ass niggas get to ratting
Consequences make them feel the drum
A nigga rob me and we gon' kill his mom
That's real talk get on that grimy shit
Shout out to [?]
I tell him pass it off and he gon' pass it off
And when it come to questions he won't ask at all
I get you everything [?]
My youngins from the northside they won't stop until your casket fall
Do you really want that
About that paper my nigga Oschi will be at your front step
That's how a hitta get it though
About that money my nigga CP be in your window
And Omelly be at your bitch spot
With a big Glock trying to get the big drop
Plotting on you as the time goes tick tock
Soon as you come get the pussy you gon' catch a headshot

Aww yes
Fuck around lay around
Play around watch the waiter boy lay it down
You the best say it now I don't think so
Don't let the pride weigh you down you gon' sink slow
Checking my fresh you should be checking bank rolls
Why should I stress my check is in the bank yo
blowing in the wind through the window
I'm really that nigga to fuck without a tempo
I'm in a sauna climbing a llama
My baby momma trying to figure out if I'm in some drama
I'm sleeping on top of the covers
Locks on the shutter
I'm going through she wondering why won't I fuck her
I'm getting [?]
Candy painted the Lac black jelly bean
Black hoodies and skullys wiggles in the cellophane
Roll up puff and pass it
Tuck the ratchet
Five be in your area
War be at your front door causing mass hysteria
Ring Peedi in your mother's house
Second floor back room trying to check your brother out
Blow [?]
Chilling in your drive way peeling out pronto
Skrrrr first we grip CL
Straight to the condo everything DL

When I get my tag on I put that mask on
Still ride or die [?] drag on
Used to run it in plenty grams it would add on
Drake shit best had 40 in my jet lag
You just know you're rolling play your part just like a step dad
Pace him with a glizzy got a shot like Travis Bess had
Don't worry if that tec jam up
I will run up on the groom then hit the best man up
See I put that on my glizzy I'll get them all touched
Them niggas come in packs then we hit them all up
See my youngin had a dream with a bird in it
SK shoot had the curb chipping
Diesel and the syrup sipping
had the hood in the frenzy
at the shootouts good with the semi
Out of town make a presence when I'm not around
There's no cause they clip up and ride around
My nigga Doc be at your mom crib
My nigga Wiz be at your mom crib
That nigga Snoop be at your mom crib
Neighbors looking like what the fuck did your mom did
With that Parabellum nine hollows let them all go
Run this shit like Marlow
Spark that man like Waldo