Lyrics : Raw

I asked my little bitch if she seen a brick and she said no
I told that little bitch look at my wrist and she said oh
You on some bullshit, with that point like Eric Snow
My nigga B move them O's like he playing tic tac toe
Now and we both going in, like a got a curfew
You don't get no money, paper shorter than commercial
Let me hear you niggas plotting on me, I'm a murk you
Have my goons at your crib every day like Urkel
One day I go fuck a bitch, then I be like fuck a bitch
Have her try to bust my windows out like [?]
Cause I got another bitch and she even badder
Looking like Beyonce, but that don't even matter
Cause I ball hard, I play for team Louie
They whole clique suck my dick, that's team chewy
Rocks in the Bezel, all husky face blew it
Since a lil' nigga used to talk that shit like Stewie
Who he, Louie had Louis chicks, Louis shirts, Louis belt
Walked up in the Louis store and tell 'em I want the shelf
Buy the whole mannequin, niggas and they shenanigans
Go get 'em sent to Hahnemann, shoot 'em like we gambling
Or hit 'em like its blackjack bout to get my mac back
Once I trade these handguns, I'm trying to feed my grandson
I'm having million dollar dreams
And hundred dollar nightmares thinking 'bout the cream
Ok, black Impalla, black rims, black tims, black ice
All black everything, flowing through the back night
Black flooded rollie on, looking like a flashlight
Tryna get that black car money bitch cash life