Lyrics : Show Out

All this money in my pocket I be showing off
When they play me in the club them hoes be going off
They heard that Make 'Em Say and they thought I was going soft
But I'm like coca in the pot cause I be going hard hard
Niggas check my resume
Catch me in that Aston with my bad bitch her name Desiree
Fuck shit I don't ever say, my niggas don't ever play
We stunt on shit like everyday and trust me I don't ever hate
I be on that money shit, you be on that funny shit
I never count no dollar bills and never fuck no bummy bitch
She say why you go so hard, cause I be on that hungry shit
I think I ate so many Benjamins my fucking tummy sick
Spit up all my shit up
Nigga play around with me I guarantee you he get hit up
This a stickup, take your ho
Niggas tried to take my flow but I just had to snatch it back
You know I ain't having that
Matter fact you can keep em cuz I switch em like my bitches
And I change em like my clothes and its the same just like my hoes
Niggas ain't fucking with me
Out my range, just like my rolls
Because I shine even in the dark and in the light I even glow
Every where I go out
All I do is show out
Me against these other rapper niggas, that's a blowout
I could fuck your girlfriend, we don't even go out
She say she on the monthly ok Imma fuck her throat out
You mad we eatin' doe
got them bricks he moved them birds just like Meechie though
Bring 30 tomorrow and that's for sure that he gone feed you though
Cuz my swag on 100 and I got to feed your flow
LA down MIA, MIA to Philly bitch
Catch me out in ATL with TI and we killing shit
We be photo posing, polo horsing and I'm willing
He like hello all my diamonds vvs yellow and I'm stealing shit
Tykeem he stay killing shit, you know I'mma murder it
I can make a nigga beat sound like you never heard of it
40,000 people with a mixtape, no nervous shit
I step up on the stage and treat that bitch like I was Jay
All I do is show out! I say all I do is show out! I say all I do is show out!
Show! show out! show out!