Lyrics : Yes Iyah

Johnny on the spot
Wit the downhill powerwalk tomahawk chop
Wit the moxy and chops to pull up on your spot
Or your proxy's
And put it to a stop
Every toc we take it from the top
It's that 1 2 3 o'clock 4 o'clock rock
Get your app open
Plot the course you gotta trot
When the mad potent drop of course you gotta cop
Been a hot minute since i pulled up on the scene
Mad events was not foreseen
Next thing that i knew i was laying on a beach
Next thing that i knew i was balanced on a beam
Last thing that i knew i was rhyming on a beat
Now everything's back to how it oughta be
No problem to clutch a mountain by the peak
Now that i can touch the bottom of the sea
Stuck in my prime, full time heavyweight
Three or four hotties chillin poolside anyway
Me and mono done sold game to gave game away
Found the hypotenuse
Barbecues labor day
Stones Throw done gone off the deep end
Wit enemies like that well who needs friends?
Christians told me to repent
But i ain't too pressed
No reason to pretend
My bad pastor and deacon
Signed, boy sand, grandmaster of weekends
Widespread hassle and nuisance
Not enough time spent following blueprints
Not enough time spent tying up loose ends
Every joe schmoe wanna put in they two scents
And every jane schmane wanna throw in they two more
Nonsense, they was my scent but i threw em off
I do it all
This and that, such and such, way too much to recall
31 flavors come visit and do the waltz
Nosey ass neighbors stay listening through the wall
Not your regular booty call
Ain't no thing to dig in the booty if duty calls
I be beating the booty like it was the booty fault
Pull out spray on the beauty a beautiful waterfall
That's TMI i just realized, me and mine
Fast track, SESAC, ASCAP, BMI
Just wasn't in the cards until the stars realigned
All the way, on our way's gone away, we arrived
The reason why is it's about time
People think of planets like there's just about nine
20, 30 more you can expect to find expect to find life
Talking just about mine
Seated head of class the first and last of my kind
Then i hit the s'mac up for a nosh of alpine
Don't knock it till you try it
You may ask me what about the government lying
I would answer to you that's your problem not mine
I'd be not lying
Listen i got mine so i do not mind
Before i got mine i had to stop trying
Before i got mine i had to stop crying
Blink of an eye look what has transpired
Find me and my camp around the camp fire
Sat hatching a plan to build a empire
Ain't one yesman
Yes iyah


Johnny on the sphere
If anybody asks i was never here
In the lunchroom sitting alone my whole career
Wear my pants so you cannot see my underwear
Clad in scuba gear
When i bounce i never bring back a souvenir
When it come to kick and the snare I'm never scared
You could tell by smile i wear from ear to ear
Kinda weird, now and then 12 months of the year i'll grow a beard
Wish you good luck finding the rules to which i adhere
Take my last buck, give it to a bum to buy a beer
Shed a tear for my once luscious glorious full head of hair
It did not help getting it back to say a prayer
But thank god that it didn't stop my being a player
Is that clear
I try to always keep a pad wit a Pam Grier
I'm known to always keep a flask of the panacea
I'm known for dropping in and crashing on Pangea
Down and dirtier than Bill Lambeer
Pull up looking like the president of Zambia
Must have caught a pine needle in my pineal
Bust off on your couch and now your couch from Ikea
That don't make sense but rest in peace in Phife
Type to throw a bee hive in a street fight
Just the type to bee-line into deep night
With a policy to decline to any e-vite
Only deep flies
Never three strikes
Never deep fried
Only green lights
World tour all of outdoors
Every drop of hot sauce
Nothing outsourced
Cry out for a encore from the hardcore
Introduce your in-laws to the outlaw
Greatest look since dinosaurs and the protozoa
Greatest hooks since southpaw rocky balboa
Before i lived in Brooklyn i was livin in the Lowa
Chicks that look like Selma Hayek dancing wit a boa
Always interrupt and run up on me outta nowhere
Take em to Chipotle and get extra barbacoa
Just 'cause i'm the object of they passion and desire
Doesn't mean i'm splurging on they fashionable attire
Honey got reliant, started calling me a liar
Had to tell her no ma'am
Yes iyah