Lyrics : Step Inside

I give a shout to all the legendary rappers that are broke
‘Cause living happily ever after didn’t happen
‘Cause this planet run the gamut of shenanigans
Various hilarious significance of ignorance and arrogance
Admit I taken part in it
I know that god’ll pardon it
‘Cause I was even charming as a charlatan
I was fire even as a liar
Had my moments at my most bogus
At my most vulgar
As a stone cold stoner still solar
Those are days I seldom ever speak about
The fact they may not yet have ended doesn’t have me freaking out
Though pee be sometimes leaking out
From when I had that STD and didn’t have no medical to rescue me
It also holds the precum ‘fore I nut which helps wit coitus interruptus
Saying all clouds have a silver lining is very presumptuous
But saying all of mine do is a proven fact
Keeps my sense of humor in tact
Helps me find amusement in how humans act
I take it slow when life be moving fast
I beat the shit out of my moviepass
Pull up a chair instead of walking through my lair because it’s boobie trapped
I stay aware and say a prayer wit every loogie spat
Acquitted via trail separation
Pursuant to my ruined reputation
I used to write a chorus in accordance with the rules and regulations
Now I’m Banner out the gamma radiation
Waving banners for
Oranges at the apple store
Going back and forth 'tween moving back and forward if there are any more
Or maybe I’m the only
Which doesn’t make me lonely
It makes me wise in helping me realize nobody owe me
Sometimes I get so sick and tired of being a phony
Ashamed that I’m not sponsored by saucony
And all these new perspectives disconnected from my homies and my cronies and my buddies
Sound like a bunch of dummies
Could it be that cuffing season’s an actual natural phenomenon?
Sighted at the Brooklyn Heights promenade
Sensei M. Day Shayamalan