Lyrics : Noteworthy

Sometimes at night I lay awake
A preponderance of pondering the rules I gotta break
And what lies atop the laundry list of risks I gotta take
I admit I think it's noteworthy

I'm patient with the people that I love
I' careful with the words I use to tell 'em when they bug
When dirt gets mixed with water
Sometimes water's thick as blood, it's thick as mud
I think that's noteworthy

I'm sorry when I slip
I'm way too used to shooting from the hip
I'm trying to be slower on the draw
But more and more seems like a loss to draw at all
I think that's noteworthy

I stay away from periods now
Is it that I'm growing up? Or that I'm slowing down?
I haven't put it down more than an hour in quite a while
I think that's noteworthy

Propose a toast
Let's hear it for the spirits and the ghosts
Rejoices for the voices in my gut and in my dome
Are why I never drink alone
I think that's noteworthy

Just as with any plant that grows roots
All my adventures from the center of a closed loop
Sometimes a point becomes more poignant as it grows moot

When I say "family", I mean "friend"
Advertisements say "save" when they mean "spend"
Why do people say "you" when they mean "them"?

At first we flirted, now the world's mine
Saddening though, nothing is as maddening as mankind
But then that doesn't really matter since my girl's fine
I find that noteworthy

Apples and oranges are both sweet, and both round
When reference is made to comparing fruit
Ignoring simple truths communication's broke down
That is noteworthy

I plan to never plan
ANd work at being clever when I cram to understand
'Cause every situation that I think's not worth a damn is well hand
I think that's noteworthy