Lyrics : Live & Breathe

This just came to me
Coolest calmest
The artist that you claim to be
Ain't a statement or a phrase that y'all can say to me
Not in the faintest, all you fakers sound the same to me
A line's the shortest distance between A & B
Big up the misfits and the mystics that's the way to be
All existence where i spray the seed
Quite a distance now that's something folks'll pay to see
Keep my math shaped like a t
Make it last or make me laugh and make like a tree
Nothing in between
So if you sucking teeth
Take a sec to reconsider what you thinkin 'fore you sinkin like a submarine
Someplace i will not agree to keep you company
No losers in my lucid dream
Keep it movin
Not the first to think the tube was more amusing than the human beings
Thank god for pbs
Helena rubenstein
The difference between you and me
Could fill the sun and earth, moon and sea
When I'm deceased
Ride into the sky in ill bucket seats
Every comfort, not a ducket squeezed
Nothing cheap
Stuck in fifth, lucky stiff, something sleek
Front seat, yummy treat, chubby cheeks
Nah mean
You know how it be
Don't have me come and getcha
Have to hit you with the high beams
Oh mys, gollys
Hawaiian lays and papaya trees
Me and science are like siamese
I take a sec to change the frying grease
Next one's a supersize and if i decide to look you in the eye then you can die in peace
In denim I'm the deadly venom with the iron feet
Wired from the wine and cheese
I sit considering alliance wit the liars and cheats
Without your love than what could i achieve
When it wanders that reminder puts my mind at ease
That's how i sleep and eat
That's how i live and breathe