Lyrics : Electric Ecstasy

Procession through the hallways, leading down below
Fainting light endumbrates your way towards deathrow
Stay in queue and await your judges cloaked in red
Moaning through the courtroom, A tang of bitter sweat

Down! the gavel's sound, it has begun
Obey! to the dock, one by one
Step up! for your fate shall be seen
Two dark posts and a gaudy gleam
You?ll die under the guillotine!

Last in line you shiver, ripping pain with every breath
The judges undiserning , they'll sentence you to death
All convicts doomed to die, death kneel heads the table
Dare to appeal conviction and you'll ride the judas cradle

You! now it?s your time, before the court
Bow! delivered to the hangman for your escort
Follow! your path is marked by crimson streams
Bodies pile like you've never seen
The triumph of the guillotine

You've bound to the cot, locked up tight
Now you face your doom, shining bright
High speed metal accelerates between the stakes
Hell unfolds, eternally, beyond the gates

Down! the ropes been cut, here comes the blade
Slice! through the scuff, decapitate
Cut! A gush of blood to shoke your screams
Victimized murderous routine
The truimph of the guillotine