Lyrics : Paraphiliac

Internalized urges yearn for relieve
Finally see the light
In inebriation I lose reign to desires
Pursue fantasies of might
Injecting acids, dissolving their minds
Into submissive state
Tender perished flesh, now drained of life
Caress and lust await

Ingest they flesh to feel as a whole
Quenchin' the fire which devours my soul
Pallid ashen face, evermore be my guest
In the presence of death I shall lay down to rest

Paraphiliac - Lifeless presence silent consent
Paraphiliac - 213 shall mark your end

Strangeled, dismembered, skin boiled off their bones
Preserving precious grace
I dragged you out of this mortal coil
In a deadly embrace

Predatory perversions
Sensation rushing down my spine
The excitement of physical ecstacy
Perfect subjection, you are mine!

Paraphiliac - Secrets hidden, perceived by none
Paraphiliac - Decay takes what's long been gone