Lyrics : Vendetta

Its black handle is shimmerin'
Beneath a slowly setting sun
Footsteps sound through the alley
The taste of vengeance caught me stunned
Foolish actions shall cost you your life
Flawless skin pressed at the edge of my knife

Screams to drown under my gloved hand
The switchblade's leaving its first mark
Your instincts sheeer for survival
A stream of light before the dark
Sanguine fluids soon the cobble to coat
Sweat meets tears as I go for your throat

Embrace the rush of ecstacy
I die to see the horror in your eyes
Blunt force avents your attempts to flee
Unfold your throat, one slice to end your life


A sinful desire, unbound, running free
You're caught in a plight, you're doomed, you're a blight
Metal's to slice your windpipe tonight