Lyrics : ​tiny hole

She said, betta betta
Wait, no, that--what--how did she say it?
She said
She said betta betta betta?betta
Step?on tip tip?tip tip tip toe
I pulled the?meat out she like
You gon' fit all that in this teeny hole?
I know, i know, i know
TMI: too much info
Thats just how i?m feelin, forrealin' with my kinfolk
Remember, rapping was asking could it all be so simple?
Sitting there grinning mouth full of crab rangoon
I am proof there are some people angst can't consume
And i don?t even eat that but the rhyme fit
I step out the crib like iron giant
All smiles with a view over they heads
Sun Ra said most of 'em walking around already dead
Thats why the gaze avoids the eyes
To make object
At this i object
Abject prospects
And the map is confused for terrain
And the map is confused for brain
And the map is p*ss-stained
And the map is actually a paper towel with a Hershey squirt
If i was a rapper i'd wake up early for work
I woke up early for work
I woke up early for work
I woke up early for work
[Signor Bened**k the Moor]:
I woke up yo and you know what i did?
I woke up early and i came for
Something to make a name for
I woke up early and i - i felt something to feel insane for
To feel pain for
And, and, and be rid of all my shame for
You know what, i came--
I came to consider direction
To depict a new reflection
Written in fingerprints on a mirror
Just to hear her
Gaia couldn't be any clearer
You know you gotta water the root, little fish
So i came for a reason
Spreading little indiscriminate treasons no more
Who could truly keep the score
And keep their wits?
Ah, each tally like shackles on their wrists
And fear persists
So i came for
Something to teach me joy
Something to deploy
When time is bleak
Perhaps its dark that i seek
But its a strange fascination
In a strange, fascist nation
And I came for my mother
My father, my siblings, my n***as, my lovers, my--
You know what? i came for my...
So i woke up early for work
And i came for
I woke up early
I woke up early, I might have went back to sleep
Yo, I woke up early but came late
I got lost in the hours before break
I sat and chewed flowers
Feet submerged in muddy lake
Slake rich, crayfish, bite the head
No I don't know the meaning i just know the feeling
Get up out of my dreads
If stress run the world sweep the leg
If you blessed you should say it
I'm writing from a place of suspended belief
A new conviction, bones and teeth
Reasons got reasons just moments and seasons indulging each
I remind me
Fell inside my hat beneath a key lime tree, indeed
Who is this king of glory?
I'm out getting deeper cups and psyllium husk
I heard this might just free you up
I don't have an iron for the crease
I weaved a way for the world to wear me
Weighted carries, milks and pools, fools
I keep a monolith in my pocket
My posture authoritative and anonymous
How to, raise a free black child south of a lower heaven
Small body big spirit