Lyrics : Rejoice

Moving forward, dearly beloved
Make I and I recall
Bob's son set in Babylon
Atop the very high mountain
Carving prophecy into rock
Blood from a stone is the wickedest task
Yet, rivers to flow, lyrics do grow
And rise and rise to terrible, terrible proportions
Stifling the weak heart, made they tremble
But the dreadlocks say, fear not
Stamp foot and flatten a raindrop
For in Bob and his children's temple
It is strictly reality we are dealing with
Strictly reality, so rejoice

Beepеr buzzin', semper fi cousins
When in hot ovеns, et cetera, et cetera
Wind chimes gone dummy
Delirium, serious serum, celiacs, belly out, sippin' 'gnac
Yacked, redacted
Told navel, "Strike that from the record"
Quarter zips, meanin' none to flip
You know where the poets is
Under some gutter, at the library, by the café, at the ATM
You know where the poets is
At the perfume store, in the buffet line
On a philosophical corner, drawing sevens in concrete
You know where the poets is
Off riding green horses, profaning the inevitable
But never on purpose
Lips pursed in verses, spitting juice like plums do
Ooh, that ish delicious
Yo, I croon like doo-wops
You, you know this life is vicious
And it seems, the only option is to cling
To the mind that retains the faculty to dream
And it seems, the only option is to cling
To the mind that retains the faculty to dream
In Duane Reade screaming, "I'm not the same me"
Meaning soul graffiti bubblin' over
Summer soldier, cut from the cloth of October
Beat made from two metal cans
Various spectrums of an evil parallelogram
Could you see that? Would you bear my eyes?
Rhetorical gestures that merit reply
State communist verse the based abomunist
Entrance fee is paying homage
Patiently awaiting context
White boys in my crew look Amish, honest
And the negros is walkin' around talkin' 'bout NeoHooDoo
Askin', "Who you?"
Don't mention what you do for money
Isn't that funny? Screw face, moot case
I never demean the self with definition
Exquisite sense of what's hittin'
That's kept me on this lonesome trail
Sink or swell, I'm out to open sea
Croonin', strummin', open C, no capo
Coterie of lame-os, skullduggery and baking soda volcanoes
Laser eye like Kano
So run up to get done up
You lookin' like the corduroy coon's latest come up, psh
"Welcome to my rap show," said the spider to the fly

As long as I'm living, as long as I'm alive, as long as I'm in this environment
There's certain things that not only myself, but everyone should do to be able to survive
I find that it's very important for me to understand the idea of martial art
Actually it's spontaneous
Me it was only natural, just to flow into this type of movement
Since it was part of my culture and lifestyle
You see, some people play tennis, some people deal with golf
I don't feel like I'm getting that kind of confrontation
That thing coming at me, that's a negative aspect
Saying was that we lost a language
And being more specific, in terms of the music, drum instruments
They said— just now, you see, what it was—
I don't— sendin' God hope— and because of certain kind of—
Relying on your past— that— But the thing that I've—
Yeah, I think so— you know, that' the big—
Sometimes almost like a contradiction that you set up with inside
And it's not only two-fold with it, they talkin' about the two parts of the brains
It's multi-fold
Because, see, that simple type of sadness may produce, like, just, subdivisions of that sadness
That takes on all different kinds of degrees of sadness
See, and maybe sadness 'cause somebody told you that there was death
And maybe sadness because you broke your favorite dish
But it's all sadness, but different types of sadness
But lumped up, it's just one big sadness