Lyrics : Dead Cars

Scrapyard ghosts levitating, slap box under wolf moons
Above streets where siri noted coordinates and was?too?scared to speak,?come through
Host the grease, burnin' candles?in the teeth
Summoned by the killer who remembered the names of each
Southside cop killer queens
Circle the vehicle and squeeze
Dusty feet beat streets with the breeze to their back
Some things you just can't leave in the past
They follow you home like skinny dogs separated from the pack
Toss another bone in the valley, they gnash
(Toss another bone in the valley, they gnash)

Dead cars stuffed with garbage line lost blocks
Laughin' at alternate side parkin'
Copper wire by the yard, scrap by the pound
Capoeira with the words, I just spin 'em round and round and round
That blood spattered Pelourinho center the town
Her bloody gown
Drug mud through the big house, ma**a gon' frown
Right before we throw him in the ground
Throw it in neutral, my cousins'll push me out, out

Pin-stripe and buffalo plaid, industrial gas leak
Good project heat, chap lip, cracked, A&D for the scab
Dead cats in the streets for a week
'Tussin, rubbin' the gash
A few doors down from the beast
I was pa**ed, smoked out on the Ave
The brash will discourage and the timid never try
The last born burden that he carried 'til he died
Earth, wind and fire, Brazilian rhyme, it's wild
Nine and out user, what it look like to be free and alive at 35
(what it look like to be free and alive at 35)
Big Bitcoin horde and a VCR that still records
Teeny demises and reports
Bust through the ceiling and was floored
Yahweh's gardener was bored
Since he hopped off the porch
In communion with the source
Lots of sauce and a little force
Bronze Kafka metamorph
Black Orpheus at the course
In the backwoods, jiggin' with no remorse, jiggin' with no remorse
In the backwoods, jiggy with no remorse, jiggy with no remorse
In the backwoods, jiggin' with no remorse, jiggin' with no remorse

Pointed and said, "walk 'til the air thins"
Won't see the water, but you'll taste salt in the wind
The city's a hoarder, long dead in her bed
Shiftin' borders, buckle and bend
All the president's men suckled at the cracked shell
Wild raccoons, empty lots where it used to be crack sales now quiet as tombs
'Cept when the rats squeal, cats wail in heat
I circle back east, beg the beggar's forgiveness
Got the correct directions in gibberish
Tolls diminish, desperate trolls abandon crumblin' bridges
Hot with the sickness, '96 Lexus LS on blocks in the yard
Rust fingers grip first floor burglar bars
Scarecrow stuffed with straw, stuffed and eyed them marked cars
(Keep 'em guessin')
Broke the door at First Baptist, played the pews like project benches
The light was beautiful streamin' through the broken entrance
PVC replaced the cadaver bones at the viewing
Cruel, played for fools, family never knew it
Jackals chasin' secrets through the ruins
Diseased tissue sold the planet and another human
Host body under influence, clueless
Big spoon, death loomin', tune in, trauma addled
Room was swollen with squall, the dream showed up on the wall and yous called
All in all, all in all, all in all
Projects on the beach, sandcastle instead of lawn
Trousers, high water table got three legs
First in the flood, mud mask, cup of blood
Just ask if you must