Lyrics : Shinin’

If I had to share something, then this is what I would want to share?with?you:
That your self,?when you say "I"... when you?say "I", the true meaning of "I" is joy
It is happiness
It is life

Crossing this ocean the closing of odds, mind the gap
How can I get my antenna closer to god, guess one raps
Druidic, shamanic, damn near bionic, being totally honest
Ain't felt blood down my throat in nearly a decade
Wouldn't waste this poem on a new page
Suppose we in the coon's ways
Electrician keep criss-crossing wires
Foreign marks on the mission to exhaust my ire
However, Babylon's booty is ore and ingots, more inebriates
Funny he flames wasn't licking so much as scalding
So much as scolding, my mind keeps recording the moment
Though I beg it's release, peace god, peace

Reality and it's malleability, 3D-printing facilities
And food banks, quest for goose eggs might leave you toothless
Or worser uninspired, precursor to the tongue-tied, wide-eyed
Like bung hole balloon knot, their raps are cacaphonic
I choose not to engage with the laws of local tyrant
Who gon' stop me today when
The rays of the sun are their brightest
On my melanin, I see you shining, n***a
See the canvas, I scatter colors in different paint
My indifference is something mortals could not attain
Holy water and matrimony, your thoughts decay
Hold your head high n***a, don't let them drop your gaze
Praise be the most high, the canopy in the rain
Ran a mile with some n***as, couldn't afford the train
See celestial peak and we in a different day
You treating truth like something naturally into hair
Muzzle my words, ain't got no stains on my focus
Puzzle my speech, riddles beneath every surface
I almost drowned in a pool of my self-inflicted purpose
So you holding it down, inquisitions and sound
N***as testing my patience, I'm the indigo child
Crept and looked between the cracks, we took a different route
You know something we don't, go ahead, spill it out
Chronic doubt plaguing on my mental, but I had it well
Seeing red ink on the porcelain, down the drain it swells
Drag my soul through the city walking through paths of hell

Whole world... whole world
I will say: don't worry about anything at all... don't worry about anything at all
You remember this thing, that you are not here by accident, no? Even in this form
This is just a costume for a while you have to wear. But the one who is behind the costume, this one is eternal
You must know this thing. If you know this and trust this, you don't have to worry about anything. You will not panic or act prematurely... and you will allow yourself not just to always react, but just to keep quiet, and you will find your mind comes nicely again into your heart, and you begin to see in your natural state
And I want to say that this world is so full of love... and your heart and your being is so full of love, so full of peace, you don't have to go to some place else to find peace...