Renaissance festival garb
Natty dread, El DeBarge
Might pull your elder's card
N***a rap like Frylock's son
Floating over?a?rug of Hydrox?crumbs
I might be on one
Icy hot?numb
Met eyes, locked thumbs, this my wedding shotgun
Drums like stampeding oxen
I guess you lost 'em
B210 Datsun
Flossin', Powers, Austin
With the asparagus fern
Time couldn't justify the arrogance earned
More holes and old lies at the speed lead nosedives
The fallacy of both sides, ghost ride the subconsciousness
Extra medium and I'm off the sh*ts
Confrontation with its awkwardness
Under the parlor Palm, martyr calm as ever
Need a harder beverage like I need a hemorrhaging carotid artery, not hardly
Altered the car battery with an open chest, recharge it

We not starving artists, we not starving
We not starving artists, we not starving
Giovanni Ribisi type sneaky, go-getter, vegan white cheddar, please, panini croissant
I don't know if the message is getting across
Mythical like a sack of dirt from a free black nation
Five-fifths mic check, my inner fire is high tech
The world is run by stress
Blessings multiply with acknowledgment
In my household this is common sense
Peace of mind would be a worthwhile accomplishment
We abandoned the fortress
How does famine inform the gorgeous
Mammon and Gore endorsements
Littering the timeline, bickering on boxed wine
The cavalry comes babbling, casualty-c*m-laude
Only the moon seen my outtakes
Met the same disaster, trying to confront the game master
Hypnosis, wooly Moses, okra, oats, ocean
Space Princess Lumpy dancin' for me
Chapter 29, beat**ude, beat**ude
Be att**ude, be att**ude