Lyrics : GREENS

Open the f**king pit, yeah
R-A-P presidin', word

A so-called negro stood there, spitting
Ten thousand lines of?poetry
In?conclusion, if I'm?younger, you still not as old?as me
This ain't my first time, this ain't my first time
Brown seed, brown pores, like mola**es bread
Slow breathin' through the scary sh*t
Neophyte gambler, blue light dancer
Aquarius, walkin' wit' my angels
No need to measure the obtuse angle
Clanger of loose bangles
Measurin' stars with the space between my fingers
Truth is power, speakin' only to the little flower stalk lingers
A warrior don't need to test their mettle, stay blessed
And then he kissed every petal
Empty make a better vessel, yadadamean?
And our color shall be green, as we tend to grow
Tend to matters of hope, tend to be tender
Gardener of letters, king hat pretender
Benevolence lender, no interest rate
Ruby Yacht ain't met a crest we couldn't break
Needless to say, the cipher's secure
However, your processor need a reboot to update
Ya get too rich, the boys in blue investigate

What's poppin', thought cycle rotten
Newport smoked down to the cotton
It's simple mathematics, refracted madness
Wrote the rhyme with fridge magnets
Daydreamin' the whole lunch
Under an Anita Lo bowl cut
Eddie Jefferson singin', "so what?"
This is music for quitters and dropouts
This is music for the flophouse
"Gimme my props now", I say clanging my briefcase
Can you believe the nerve of these cheapskates?
Hogging sunlight and the technology behind photosynthesis
Let's measure rhythms in distances
The speed goes twenty-nine million miles before moving
I think I'm improving, but who can say?
Since no point is fixed, more or less
I think my point is missed
I've decided to embrace what differentiates me from the anointed clique
Ruby Yacht land ownership
Let's build a monument, and stand over it
Hand in hand, off-sides, odd pride
Like watching your kid's first tantrum
A relevant dataset
Lost alpha, now pay the bet
Beta, hepcat see ya later
Walk up in the building like I'm 'sposed to be here

But anyway
What did you have for lunch today? I had some daydreams myself
Mm, yes, and after all that rough sledding? that heavy lifting? a clear vista opened before me, and a profound... wave of understanding washed over me. And? and you know, the blues?the blues will fade. And the greens? the greens, they? they rush in? this lush, beautiful... green, filled everything from the periphery to the center