Lyrics : ​bulging envelope

They call themselves writers because that's what they do. They write their names among?other?things everywhere. ?Names they've been given or chose?themselves

1, 2, ok
Yo, what, mmm, yeah, mm-hmm, yeah, I agree
Waver like the voice of the uncertain
The envelope bulging is marked urgent (Yoink)
Will you grab it, will you be that person (I am)
I think person is a magic object (Indeed)
I say peace to Kamaal the Abstract (Peace)
Then, I take a moment here to get abstract (doom, de doom doom doom doom doom)
Ain't no freedom in this cage, you be lab rat (lab rat)
And on the blooper reel I be the laughing track (aha ha)
But why, as 85-ers ask me that (that)
And you'll greive, my love, it's no masking that (that)
It's a need, a must, I have to laugh (aha ha)
Guilty by omission, permissive, fictive
The missus hiccups as I shift weight to my right heel
Pipe dream, highlight solo feels, vainglorious (Vainglorious)
This is protected, by the ruby yacht (Vainglorious)
By the ruby yacht
By the ruby yacht (Vainglorious)
By the ruby yacht
By the ruby yacht
This is protected, by the ruby yacht
This is protected, by the ruby yacht
Yo, where we meditate and feel time like wind
Ribbons of chi swim
Yo, hear life begin
Spirit sight, imbued with contact truth
Which, smells of soil and tastes of fruit
It's devoid of pa**ion
Sight soft, spirit pa**in'
The other realms have answers if you're askin', incense ashin'
We built a home with sandalwood smoke
Thin air, don't choke, stay strong, like oak
And circulate, fall into the vision and
Learn the ocean's rhythm to escape this mortal flesh prison
I'll form my soul from a dull grey blob
'Til I finish the job and feel like God
You know what this is? It's a celebration b*t*hes
You know what this is? Come and gimme all your kisses
You know what this is? It's a celebration b*t*hes
You know what this is. So, come and gimme all your kisses

Whoop, mind the gap
Destination, clean living and collared gra**
If you called once and I didn't holler back
Well that's because I was in my briar patch
I was in my briar patch
I took time to grab a train while it was driving past
Observatory lounge with tea cakes with almond ma**
I hopped off in Allston, Ma**
Put my finger on the b***on and I exited the gla**
New World Water, I am expected to float
Guess I'll rise to the occasion
Well, these suckers dug a moat
'Round there mansion
And the gators that they hide for harvest
Are persuasive, but if I'm honest I think that I got the target
And I have to take it, formation, then fade to black and
Are you interested in the subscription package
I could do this all day, no lackin'
Despite all the data trackin'
I stay invisible, laid back and laid up and
Counting my residuals
You know what this is (You know what this is)
It's a veneration mission
For the hissin' commision
Atop the hatin' condition
Limerence in blatant derision
Will leave you nowhere, young pigeon
Speakin' Pidgin with a magpie
Sneakin' suspicion that the ruby caught their eye
Magpie say "there is a wealth of knowledge in a full ash tray"
I refrain from askin' why, I just listen
Tales of salmon gone missin', from the bear claw swipe
We fight fire with water, all struck with glistenin' lines
Celebrate that (celebrate that)
We got more bottles than Greenworks, and yes we see we thick
That's how a team works with geniuses slick
You would immediately slip, up against this greasy lick
So join us on this scarlet [?] skiff and cast off
Peep them rockers in drip [?] has been tipped
The journey's blessed fam

Taking a moment and I'm putting it in my pocket
Olly olly oxen free, Wally watch her stop it
I'm a high pitched talker, thighs thick, same topic
Discreet seer, bye, b***er flips 'til I'm exhausted
Um, Auckerman listener, listener listener
Fan of the written word and improvisitioners
King of the crimson bird, still studyin'
Guttered like I'm teeming in the rut I grab my muffin thing
I take my wool free of sleep 'til a sec ago
Lost the room key, make a beat playin' Sekiro
Found the bars and the notes quote corroded
So I re-wrote it, keep hope, mining the focus
Oh sh*t steep climb but I got my spiky tennis shoes on so I never lose
And it's my crib, so you got to be Player 2
Ah, yes, oh, ha, yes, uh, hmm
You know what this is