Lyrics : 50 centaurs

Father-son symmetry, mother tongue imagery
Outdated sentiments like the Necco Wafer industry
My life isn't much more than acc*mulating Tumblr posts
That's how a mumbler boasts
Over dried tofurkey and gravy boats
Confession: I have once daydreamed of Miley Cyrus
If your heart is Achy Breaky, Sir
Why not remind us?

The pious boy pouts, your Snorlax got the gout
And Hellfyre naysayers can get socked in their snout
Though admittedly not by me
And certainly there are wicked males
Getting rich off ticket sales
Though admittedly not by me

I fumbled, yes, to open a jarrito
In the midst of the jumble I was labeled "pobrecito"
The difficult task is enjoying the film knowing it's a sequel
An even more difficult task is being kind to rich people
The type of man to mourn openly for a dead dog
And respond to emails "I don't wanna read your f**king web log"
Wrote a song for the kids who let me rap in their basement
Wrote a song for the kids who said I lack something basic
That's true, I'd rather discuss Mewtwo than Youtube
So f**k you, dude
This morning, sat down and ate a big bowl of cereal
Lost in thought on why I'm not ethereal
Floating in a television, the feeling's ephemeral
I should own a bakery and specialize in dinner rolls
Grand verbalizer, what time is it?
Grand verbalizer, what time is it?
I shouldn't skip breakfast, taking my time with the cereal
That kind of att**ude will never yield jobs managerial
But it will lend nicely to careers janitorial
And I take pictures of my work
You can flip through my portfolio

Now the milk is sugar-saturated
I look of guilt when I think of how much I've masturbated
Every morning I eat wild berry crunch
And leave my house with a mildly scary hunch
That I should have faked sick and slept in
Writing rap songs in a makeshift studio den
Then send too many emails to Mike Eagle
In the hopes that he'll forward them to all the right people
Spill milk on my shirt, take that as an omen
If I went to Hogwarts I would probably skip Potions

I need another bowl of Blueberry Muffin Tops
Preferably in a dish with the straw built in
And I'm a simple man with the flaws built in
But right now I'm eating cereal
But right now I'm eating cereal