Lyrics : Plenty Money

Stacks in my Prada bag wrapped in rubber bands
Got these niggas trying to climb through my windows like [?]
But I just bought a mac call it [?]
32 hit up you and paralyze your other man
I be on that north sider shit
I come from the bottom shit so I talk a lotta shit
Niggas say they getting money but I don't acknowledge it
I see that shit I like that shit won't hesitate to cop that shit
What's in my pocket dawg? all dirty money
Ladders on deck come and take it from me
Niggas looking at me like they fucking hungry
But they get fucking buried trying to run up on me
Yes sir, cause I'mma let my toolie clap
How you gon' rob me, nigga where they do that at
Not around here, around there neither
This 40 ought to hit your ass just like Derek Jeter
Dude a baseballer, I'm an eight baller
I'm a straight baller, batter whip a cake holler
We just get the money we don't take offers
I'm so motherfucking fly I'm about to take off of
Chilling with this Rollie on my arm
What I paid for it could of went and bought a car
I could take my show money blow it at the mall
I could hit the jewelry store and throw it on an Audemar
(Blow it on an Audemar?)
Ya bitch I said it
Believe it if I said, I meant it
2010 I'm trying to go flying spur on them, tinted
Riding low through the city blowing on spinach
Get it I'm a h-u-s-t-l to the er
We are, all getting to the money nigga flee off
Keep on, I love it when they hate that's what I feed off
Catch you we gone throw shit everywhere like its a free for all
Get money fuck more bitches
And kill more snitches
I'm like Shakur with it
Small fee I'll have my youngin at the door with it
Playing ding dong dixie, mask on long semi
Talking money I get plenty of it
Doing my thing I push that point just like when Penny was it
Why they hating, cause I'm getting plenty money
They want to take it tell them get it from me