Lyrics : Make Em' Say

Showtime (flamers)
If you sippin' on somthin put it down right now
Get Money
We bout to get it poppin, this song

I like my rosé red and my diamonds blue
Keep a dime chick like 5 times 2
I be killin these haters when I slide by through
Like a drive by do in a sky dive coop
Flyin, the whip sound like a lion
Keep a white girl with white girl like ryan
Uh, Shit I ain't baggin, I'm buyin
A lot of these suckas be frauds, lyin
Really though, they fishin for a robbery
I got them biddies tryna hit me like a lottery
Haters wanna body me cause I'm a hot commodity
Puffin on that hater ease the pain like a apology
Niggas they can spit but they'll never be as fly as me
Wrist lookin like the same arena where the Flyers be- ICEY
I know, I don't think they like me
Maybe cause I might be dickin down they wifey
Umm, It's easy to hate me it's harder to love me
You a hater
Ask ya bitches bet ya all of them fucked me
They callin' me hubby but they be callin' for nothin'
Cause when I tell them hoes I like em I be kiddin like Cudi

They be like...
Yup yup we make em say...
Yup yup we make em say...
Yup we got em like...
Let's get it
You got a boyfriend?
No, we don't care
Now where that money at?
It's over here
We ball hard
Bottles in the air
Chillin in the whip make them biddies stop and stare

Before I met T.I.P. I was the king, Martin Luther
Diamonds in the bezzle lookin husky, Rasputia
Don't get it twisted I spit, but I'm a shooter
Glock 17 clip hangin longer then a ruler
Every time I see them hoes they be like
You the best like Drizzy, but I tell them I'm cooler
I ain't even hit, she gave me brain like a tutor
I kick that chick out early in the morning like a rooster
I'm a D.O.P.E.B.O.Y
Lookin like money everytime I flow by
Haters hatin on me
I don't know why
Cause I'm come from da bottom were da sun don't shine
Pops died young so I had to man up
Cases got caught so I had to stand up
I'm the best around hands down hands up
Smack a sucka right in front of his squad and what like...

Them boys damn near forty
They ain't fuckin with shorty
I shine like a buck worth of jewelry
For sure he the hottest in America
All guts glory
Benzo 6 all on that back, Rob Horry
Limbo, bend the corner all eyes on me
Like I'm 2Pac niggas envy
Wanna shakur me
Haters, why get mad?
I get paper
All black Camaro lookin like Darth Vader
Diamonds in ma chain like da water in Jamaica- all blue
Them biddies like "Who da F RU"
My niggas we ball through
Sumthin we all do
On that day she pop me she prolli will call you
My niggas tryna turn a pound of raw to a molly
In the kitchen million dollar whippin like Bugatti
Me, ma niggas got it
Hater like, how he do that?
Who that? we that!