Lyrics : It Takes Two

Right about now you are about to be possessed
By the sounds of MC Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock

It takes two to make a thing go right
It takes two to make it outta sight

I want a rock right now
That's what the fiends say when I come around
I'm not internationally known
But I'm known around the microphone
I get lifted
Puffing on that [?] shit
Sipping on Patrón
It got a nigga twisted
I be in my zone, before I get the bitches
I'm going to get the paper
Like motherfuck a hater, wait up
One shot, two shots, three shots, four
I'm wasted I don't want no more
Louie V everything down to the floor
We buying out the bar 'til this mahfucker close
Let's get it


I'm Meek Milly got a real fucking mind set
I got the biddies trying to win me like a contest
Check out the wrist wear
I'm balling this year
You getting money so what I don't care
Hit the club I ball we don't stare
They see me shining them haters they won't dare
I don't say I'm so fly say I'm so leer
Ten grand man walking down no fear
It takes two
You and your friend Ménage I call Boo
Boo will call Omelly, Omelly will call Coon
You call a couple of your friends [?]
I'm like [?] cause I got a lot of whores
I'm not a sucker and I don't need a body guard
Stay strapped all black mac
And tell your whole team not to frame no rat
Let's get it