Lyrics : Money Like A Mothafucker

We getting money like a motherfucker yes sir (x4)

Shout out to Benjamin that's my man
A hundred grand though they don't understand
Stacks on deck rubber bands
I'm just trying to eat, for a man
Rocks in my Rollie looking like Knicks
Just came home playing with them birds like Vick
You ain't ever seen a nigga so fly like this
And this bag so much I make it say I'm the shit
I'm the shit, what it do
Diamonds blue like I'm a crip
In the VIP with a five times two I'm trying to hit
I'm trying to get on that dip see them sipping on that Nuvo
I'm trying to get in there and dip out with a new ho

We got stacks on deck
Favorite color green and I'm fly like Peter
Get the money ya ya ya ya
We get the money yes sir ya ya

I say we talking about money then we talking about me
Forty for the chain thirty-five for the piece
If she don't like K then she probably like Meek
And if she ever fuck Meek he can make her fuck me
You ain't know, I got big boy figures
Bank account big call me bank account bigger
Ya that's the wizard
Wrist all glitter
Purple diamonds in the bezel like the watch on sizzurp
Ya I got stacks on deck
Been had a Maybach you ain't did that yet
You be frontin' to your boys, we ain't doing that act
Got a hundred acre crib [?]

I said I be on paper
House arrest band like an anchor on my ankle
Halfwayed out in a halfway house
But its like I'm halfway in but I'm halfway out
I said first we STR them then Cherokee them in back of that
Them we go Camero with [?] in back of that
Who gon' challenge us got that Challenger in the back of that
GT 500 sound like thunder in the back of that
Finish that shit off with a Hummer in the back of that
I'm in the back of that diamonds all ashy black
Grayish, scrapping tell them we ain't having that
Hop up out that bitch with the diamonds shining like who having that