Lyrics : Ball Hard

We get money ball hard
Get money ball hard
Get it, get it
As I was riding through the city in my S550
Bad bitch nice titties ass fat like really
Quiet chilly cause I ball Audemar like 20
And the diamonds on my neck be dancing on her get silly
Get with me, this Philly at its fineness I'm you highness
I'm a plus but you're a minus
Shorty blush but never mind her
Cause my mind be on the money and there's money on my mind
And I be in the mix like water
Not at all could you find it
But you see I be VIP
Hit the club don't need I.D
We stepped in when we leave like three
She came with you but leave with me
She ain't go to know the alphabet to know the CMG
We pull up in the GMC
Me lil' Dolla T.I.P
Aye, so get them the baddest bitches with them
I just bag them then I hit them
Check and add them to my list
And I don't love them I don't cuff them
Fuck them pass them to my nigga
And the newest Prada kicks [?]

We get money, ball hard
Big business, all large
So when them haters hating tell them hate some more
We balling on them suckers popping on that Ace and more

Fly guy grab a ho to a wing
Have a one night fling
With a nigga on the [?]
Standing tall like Kareem
By any means necessary
Dick game legendary
Fifteen years, gun hold never scary
Next time you see him he'll be in the obituary
Shorter that February, valentine ass nigga
If I got a CAT scan see dollar signs nigga
Money on my mental, Bently continental
She say she want my big money, dolla dick what I give her
Y'all niggas catch up the Chevy look like mustard
Inside mayonnaise get lettuce I'm a hustler
Toaster turn you into cold meat have a burger
Flow 187 you could call me young murder
Beat the track up like her name was Tina Turner
I got accountants for the accountants
I got lawyers for the lawyers
Fucking thick high yellow bitches somewhere out here foreign soil


I said I pull up to the scene so fresh so clean
That 7 4 pound with the window rolled down
Like 50 on my neck feel like the king no crown
I be Pradad down to death and all my gear be low down
Red horse, red strip, red Porshe, red lights
Tell me stop cause I'm killing them
Got change like a chameleon
And them lames they not feeling them but tell them keep hating
Praying on my down fall tell them keep waiting
I be here I be there
With the rocks don't ride no where
I'm so fly when I go leer
Why would I lie no I don't care
I ride that five without no fear
Keep that chopper on deck
If a nigga run up on me hit him up with no rap
We get money and ball hard
The shit that we get from the [?] be all raw
We drop that work in the pot whip all hard
And we take it to the block bring it back and its all ours