Lyrics : Hot Boy Flow

Don't forget
Never forget
Bitch mob Task Force never forget about Lil B nigga -
You know what i'm saying?
It's my main priority
Like I said nigga BasedWorldRecords, we getting it

I love Berkeley California
I want the whole world to take a sip of the water
They be trying to hurt us
But me i'm trying to charge em'
Singing from the bottle, it's waterfront bitch
All I talk is game, and knowledge
Wisdom, experience - nigga like college
To point out - not of the fault
I wanna see my best self and not fall
Putting money in the ground because it's a rough fall
When these niggas fall they dissolve
They say shit - I be like be yourself
While chasing imaginary shit, what else?
Money the same thing - make up the real
It's all the same thing
When we break it down i'm coming back
Loyal to the ones that live for that
I'm coming back (It's Lil B)

It's Loyalty Caskey, putting bullets in you bastards
I said the world always be mine
It's Loyalty Casket, putting... up in you bastards
The world will always be mine

On these crossroads, trapping
Pouring up shots, I said -
Crossroads and ?
I'm hyphy bitch, so you gotta let me in
Call me a different name, what's up Cheyenne?
She following me all over my back
Trying to lick me up (Yes)
(what's up girl?) -
We gotta stretch
Getting money and i'm thinking about sex
She trying to ride on the BasedGod Express
Let me not talk about the BasedGod i'm blessed
Never say Lil B name in duress
Getting the blocks out
Shout out ?, and shout out Atlanta
Shout out ?, and i'm really fucking with the cannon
I'm talking about that ham sandwich
Walnut creek, my nigga where the block hit
Albany, that's where my spot is
Alamo, nigga where the rocks is
Lafayette, all my niggas in the projects
Lil B

Shout out California nigga
Shout out Louisiana nigga
I'mma tell you bitch niggas about something
Shout out Lafayette California nigga