Lyrics : Under or Above Basedworld Interlude

Now I could reflect
Need some time to myself
Just to think about where we at right now
It's a pivotal point in the world
Loyalty Casket
I always wondered
I always been wondering
If Imma make it in the Based World
For life
Has the Based God accepted me for who I am
Like I said I dealt with them feelings that hurt
You know what I'm saying
The ones that you really love
What if everything just a miscommunication, don't nobody get it
It's so real
You could stay focused on everything that you do
You know what I'm saying and
Something still could happen to you
Good or bad
Bad or good
You know what I'm saying
This is a humble lifestyle that we living
Like I said this is a reflection
Loyalty Casket
I'm in it
It's your boy Lil B, I love you
And ever
Just reflect and think if you're making it to the based world
I know the Based God
Loyalty Casket