Lyrics : Halloween Night Interlude

Yeah I said it
Happy Halloween man
Happy Halloween Task Force Bitch Mob
Yeah we celebrating ya feel me
Hey first off I just wanna say have a safe Halloween you feel me
That's all really I'm tapping in with y'all about
Just on some chill, sit
You know light one up, smoke one, chill back
Go read a book or something nigga
You know what I'm saying
You know real talk
There's a lot of positive shit goin' down
A lot of love going down, you feel me
Real recognize real
Like I said if you've really been fucking with Lil B
I love you
So much art coming
So much extremely rare collectible situations
You just gotta be cool
You know what I mean
But like I said on the real it's about this Halloween type
This loyalty casket type shit
This that bitch mob Halloween party, you know what I'm saying
Shout out to the task force nigga
You know what I'm saying
Pink bandana shit nigga
Worldwide shit bitch
Let everybody know bitch
We fucking with it, everything
You know what I'm saying
Hey man
Happy motherfucking Halloween though bitch
Happy Halloween nigga, happy Halloween nigga
Like I said it's your boy Lil B
Loyalty Casket
You gotta keep it real, 'til then, always
And before and after
The fake niggas die off
Fuck 'em
You know what I'm saying
Loyalty Casket
That go both ways
Real and the fake
You know what I'm saying
It's all love man
Super love