Lyrics : New York With Love

Runnin' away, choppin' it up in the Bay
Sippin' like everyday
Told me I'm doin' my thing, told me I'm doin' my thing
Still chillin' with my demons
We be in the cypher, they be havin' fire
I be feelin' low, I be all alone
Never really cared, I be in the zone, yeah
Won't you knock on my door, yeah
Young face but I'm old, yeah
Fuck you 'cause I'm grown, yeah
Good socks on my toes, yeah
From New York with love
All my bros my sons
Told her hold my gun
While I roll this blunt
See Five-O we run, yeah
Blessing on my doorstep, roses in my backyard
Wifey in my livin' room
Mountain side I get the views of you and it's so beautiful
You give me love, we do the do
You come to come, I'm two for two
We light the Earth all in a groove