Lyrics : Lazy River

Lazy river what I'm movin' on
I told my past life that I'm really movin' on
Tried to tell 'em back then I'ma big fish
Small tank, gotta grow until this shit break
Never went down, down, even when my ship sank
Always took my own route even when it's risky
360 flippin' over hoes on a grip tape
Goin' over notes, it's a vibe through these sick days
Hoppin' in the Subaru sport like I came up
Makin' some revisions to my law, yeah I changed up
If you aren't happy when you poor the you won't be happy when you have it all
Might as well just get your mind right
Shine bright, so you never blinded by the limelight
Ain't it good when your vision match up with you hindsight
Validate myself, give a fuck about a five mics
No shade boy, livin' double X-L
Bars genius, people see my colors so well
I flow seasons, when the cold summer in Hell
I'm like E-list, gettin' it the way that I live
I'm in my sweatpants playin' the crib, swim, swim
Nigga yeah